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At 6D Concrete Restoration, we specialize in unique, affordable, custom concrete finishes and specialty flooring for both corporate and residential environments. We pride ourselves on providing best in class service to each and everyone of our customers.

Our team of experienced commercial, industrial, and residential concrete workers have the in-depth product knowledge to help you decide on the best concrete flooring solution for your specific building needs.  Once you have chosen the process that’s best for you, we will use state of the art equipment to do all of the prep work required. This may include removing old floor coatings, adhesives, underlays, tile, or linoleum. We then level the concrete and create a perfect surface for your new concrete finishing/specialty floor.

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6D Concrete Restoration is Proud to Offer the Following Services:

Which Option is Best for my Floor?

Not sure which restoration option or concrete finish to choose? Contact us to find out more about our many concrete flooring options. We will be happy to discuss your specific details and work with you to develop a flooring plan that’s perfect for your use, timeframe and budget.

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