Cove Base

Facilities requiring frequent cleaning and the best in sanitary standards should consider using an epoxy cove base as part of their overall flooring system. The cove base creates a uniform, seamless, floor-to-wall junction for one of the most sanitary and easily maintained flooring options.  As part of a complete epoxy flooring system, a cove base allows the floor coating to cover the bottom section of the wall, with no breaks.

Epoxy Cove Bases are an integral
Flooring Element used in many:
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Gymnasiums
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Chemical Processing Facilities

Epoxy Cove Base

45 Degree Angle Cove Base

Angle coves are typically installed in food production facilities and chemical processing facilities, as cleanliness is essential to both environments. Angle coves are typically built at a 45 degree angle between the floor and the wall intersection, approximately two inches out from the wall and two inches up the wall.

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