Acid Stain

Acid Stain is quickly becoming a top flooring choice among small business owners, homeowners, designers and architects due to it’s natural beauty and low cost, low maintenance characteristics. Acid staining is a process that uses chemically reactive acid based stains to change the colour of the concrete surface permanently, producing a transparent, marble effect that other colouring methods simply cannot duplicate. Using Acid Stain, 6D Concrete Restoration can transform dull grey concrete into a beautiful floor that is still cost effective and easy to maintain.

Acid Stain Scoring

6D Concrete Restoration offers several acid stain flooring options including, the popular scoring method, where lines are cut into the surface giving it a tile-like effect. The rich texture, deep colours and high gloss finish of concrete acid stain make it the perfect application for executive homes, retail stores or office spaces.

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Acid StainAcid Stain
Acid Stain Retail Store Acid Stain Scoring Example

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